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This is all you need linking you to our Booking Engine. Your web developer can implement it or you can simply create a reservation button with a link.

...but, are you getting the number of bookings you want?

In today’s competitive marketplace, prospective hotel clients are out to get the best deal right now. Your repeat clients and new guests may visit your Hotel website, look at all the photos of your property, compare your rates and even if they like what they see, they will then quickly switch over to Expedia, Travelocity or some other well-known internet travel portal to make the booking, because your website does not offer the most important component besides a room: Air seats.

Reserch shows 70% of travelers reserch their accommodations online before making the trip.

It is our experience that 65% of online bookings, request Air seats.

If you are fortunate and your prospective guests do not get distracted by other offers at the travel portals, competitive hotels or even other destinations, they will book a room at your hotel on those big portals. So, even after you have enticed people to buy your product on your well-positioned website, you still wind up having to pay the big portals anywhere between 20 and 35% commission. Your positioning with them will depend on the highest commission you´re willing to pay the portal, as per your "Merchant Agreement".

Complex system, isn´t it? You pay for web development, web positioning, optimization, "pay per clicks” and you still end up having to pay high commissions to get the business your website should have handled.

We’ve got a better idea. Place an Air & Hotel Booking Engine from HotelFastlink on your website, and do not let your clients go anywhere else for a complete package.

Our parent company, ReservHOTEL is a hotel technology company based in Miami, with over 16 years of experience in GDS, IDS, and Room & Air Booking Engines connectivity.

Give us a call or contact us at Do not miss this opportunity to control your bookings. We will work with your Web Designer to embed our Booking Engine on your Website. It´s as easy as that. You can double or triple your bookings overnight!